Communities of Practice

The National Home Visiting Summit’s Communities of Practice are focused on developing peer learning communities dedicated to the most pressing issues in the home visiting field.

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The National Home Visiting Summit’s Communities of Practice (CoP) focus on developing peer learning communities dedicated to the most pressing issues in the home visiting field. Learn more about CoP topics.

Community Membership

We seek professionals dedicated to the advancement of the home visiting field through collaboration and partnerships. The Summit’s communities serve to:

  • Provide a forum for community members to help each other with everyday work needs and problems
  • Develop and disseminate best practices, recommendations, and strategies for community members and the wider home visiting field
  • Organize, manage, and steward knowledge sharing from which the community can learn from and add to.
  • Create innovations ideas, new knowledge, and new practices

We have intentionally designed membership to include options for engagement that are accessible to the busiest of professionals. Community membership allows you to participate in the following:

  • Receiving the monthly CoP Digest Newsletter containing information on upcoming webinars and community news
  • Community Meetings – each CoP hosts 4-6 webinars throughout the year along with convening during the annual National Home Visiting Summit. Members will have access to join all community meetings and recordings
  • Project team participation
  • Engage in designing and presenting at the poster session at the annual National Home Visiting Summit
  • Access the Early Childhood Connector to receive the latest community news, share resources, and connect with other community members
Early Childhood Connector

Join our Community on Early Childhood Connector

Continue the conversation on Early Childhood Connector (ECC). Join colleagues and field leaders in the community group section to engage with content. All materials and recordings from the 2021 Summit and future webinars will be hosted on Early Childhood Connector.

Creating an Early Childhood Connector Account:

  1. Visit the ECC Homepage and click on “Register Now”
    • Enter your email address to create an account

Navigating to the Communities of Practice page:

    • From the ECC Homepage click on the “My Activity” tab
      Find “National Home Visiting Summit” listed under “My Groups”
      Follow links for Discussions and Resources under each CoP

Become a Member

Sign-up to become a member of one or more communities of practice. Members will receive news and updates, and access to innovative learning experiences from each of our peer learning communities.

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Communities of Practice Topics

We are excited to announce three separate communities. Each will focus on one of the following topics:


This community of practice on advocacy focuses on providing state and national advocates with sound policy information and outreach strategies to promote greater state and federal investment in effective home visiting services for children and families in need across our nation. As an integral component of advocacy, this community delves into policy issues that cross innovative financing mechanisms, a broad range of policy arenas, such as health, early childhood, anti-poverty and child welfare, among others, and outreach strategies to engage federal, state and local policymakers.

The Community Focuses on Such Topics as: 

  • Promoting a broad range of funding sources for the expansion of home visiting services, such as Medicaid, TANF, and innovative financing mechanisms, such as pay-for-performance initiatives and tax policies
  • The intersection between child welfare policy and home visiting, including opportunities for the expansion of home visiting to the child welfare and similar populations through the Family First Prevention Services Act
  • Cultural and linguistic responsiveness of home visiting programs to provide effective services to diverse children and families
  • Understanding and messaging the national evaluation of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program to conduct outreach to policymakers and others
  • Pay-for-Performance initiatives in home visiting as a mechanism to finance expanded services and secure greater private and public funding for home visiting


  • Carol Brady, Maternal Child Health Advocate, Brady and Associates
  • Kayla Goldfarb, Policy Specialist, Start Early


Home visiting stakeholders work hard every day to improve practice, research, and policy in ways that enhance outcomes for young children and their families. At times, success is compromised because efforts are disconnected. Network principles can help.

Network scientist Jane Wei-Skillern, Ph.D. encourages us to focus on:

  • Mission, not organization. As leaders, we adopt strategies and tactics to achieve our overall mission, not necessarily to stimulate the growth of any one organization or domain.
  • Node, not hub. As partners, we see each of our organizations as part of a larger web of activity targeting our cause, not as a hub of isolated action.
  • Humility, not brand. Our organizations work alongside our peers as equals and are willing to take a back seat when other partners are in a better position to lead.
  • Trust, not control. Trust and shared values guide how we interact and create an environment that maximizes our collective impact.

The Network Weaver Community of Practice focuses on shared learning among home visiting leaders about how working collaboratively can help expand the reach and impact of home visiting.

History of the Network Weaver Community of Practice

This community of practice, launched at the 2020 National Home Visiting Summit in response to feedback and a follow-up survey after the 2019 Summit plenary session The New Network Leader: How You Can Grow Your Impact. The Advisory Committee of the National Home Visiting Network is guiding this Community of Practice to advance and support the use of a network mindset in home visiting.

Ideal Audience

Anyone who has ever:

  • Worked with a family that is served by more than one program…
  • Found themselves competing for families to enroll, or funding to sustain services, or a place “at the table”…
  • Wondered what it would be like to check titles (and attitudes!) at the door and come together to work toward a shared vision for all young children and their families…

How to Get Involved

Sign up for Network Weaver emails or direct questions to Melissa L. Kelley, Facilitator, National Home Visiting Network.


  • Melissa L. Kelley, Co-Facilitator, National Home Visiting Network
  • Deborah Roderick Stark, Co-Facilitator, National Home Visiting Network
  • Dr. Miriam Westheimer, Co-Facilitator, National Home Visiting Network


The community of practice on professional development will provide community-based program and state leaders, policy makers and researchers a forum to engage about professional development within the home visiting field. This community explores facets of professional development to promote research-based and promising practices by practitioners and supervisors that advance their professional effectiveness. It also explores state level strategies and national initiatives that promote professionalism of the home visiting workforce. Membership in this community offers a venue for new connections to leaders in home visiting professional development. It also encourages members to add their expertise to an ongoing national discourse and to collaborate between webinars to endeavors that advance home visiting professional development.

Areas of focus include:

  • Dimensions of professional development including classroom and web-based training, coaching/mentoring, technical assistance and continuous quality improvement.
  • Research efforts that shape and inform home visiting professional development.
  • Innovations, initiatives and resources in professional development that advance practice and professionalism of the home visiting workforce.


  • Janelle Weldin-Frisch, President, Prairie Learning Options