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Colleen Murphy headshot

Colleen Murphy

Vice President, Early Childhood Connector

Colleen Murphy oversees the development and launch of the vibrant online knowledge network, the Early Childhood Connector. The goal of the network is to create a public good — a space that promotes meaningful connections to peers and experts, access to knowledge and ways to capture, curate and share knowledge in real time.

Having spent over 25 years in early childhood programs and systems at local, state and national levels, Colleen has provided technical assistance to communities and states in topics such as systems building and the collection, use, analysis and visualization of data. Most recently, she served as the early childhood program director at the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality.

Colleen holds her doctorate in infant and early childhood development, as well as her master’s degree in organizational behavior and management. She currently serves on the Early Relational Health Advisory Team, which advances early relational health across child health, early childhood systems and communities.

Colleen lives in Wausau, WI with her husband, Steven. She has three daughters—Brittany, Madison and Aliza—and is proud grandmother to Kilian James.